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At Dell Technologies we create technology that drives human progress. Learn more about our business units, company strategy, and value creation story below.

Why Dell

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Q1 2025

Latest Financial Performance

FY21 $86.8B
FY22 $101.2B
FY23 $102.3B
FY24 $88.4B
Expect revenue to grow at a 3-4% CAGR over time
Adjusted Free Cash
Non-GAAP | ~$4.8B Avg last 5 years
Adjusted Free Cash
FY21 $6.5B
FY22 $5.2B
FY23 $1.5B
FY24 $5.6B
$24B of Adj. FCF over the last 5 years
Diluted EPS
Non-GAAP | 13% CAGR
Diluted EPS
FY21 $4.88
FY22 $6.22
FY23 $7.61
FY24 $7.13
EPS growing faster than Revenue


For a reconciliation to the most directly comparable GAAP measure,
please consult the slides labeled ‘Supplemental non-GAAP Measures’ in the Performance Review available here.